Back to School 2020

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school shoes

How did your Return to School go?

Well I absolutely loved seeing all the back to school photographs on social media this week. It was so nice to see all their little excited faces in their smart little uniforms.

Harvey our littlest couldn’t wait to get back and see his friends but did tell us he was a little scared and shy. The boys’ school have been pretty good and provided walk through videos of what to expect. What a fab idea.

So, knowing Harvey is often better when he knows the plan I asked if he wanted me to show him the videos. Oh the tantrum and arguments that followed.

On reflection I wondered if I was nervous myself at the boys returning to school. Harvey is extremely emotional and easily picks up the moods of others, both a blessing and a curse.

So, I made the difficult decision to opt out of the first day back school run. My idea meant I wasn’t making a big fuss or a big deal about school and their return. After all my boys had only been off 6 weeks not 6 months like some children.

So, I will be honest these images were the 2nd day back to school.

back to school

Back To School

So, the 2nd day back to school I woke early knowing I had myself to sort for work, the kids to sort for school and I wanted to capture these real moments.

It was still dark outside when I woke, dawn just starting to break. Oscar in his usual spot waiting for us to get up and out for his morning walk. He often sits on the top step resting his head on the landing just under the stairs gate.

peeking dog

Ready for the Day

During lockdown I had introduced a self care manual for the children. Now they are getting to an age they need to learn how to look after themselves, to keep their bodies and minds healthy and happy. This meant they knew each morning what was expected to be ready for the day.

Top Tip: Self Care Manual for Kids courtesy of Justine Curran.

As usual, Harvey woke first and after enjoying his first day back he was keen to get ready to watch TV with his breakfast.

dressing myself
growing up

You can do it!

For us parents its back to the reality of the mental load of children in school. What they need each day. I have to do lists, planners and diaries coming out of my ears after 6 months of 2020 diary been useless. We have done it before; we can do it again. If anything, we should all be more resilient after 2020.

to do list
packed lunch

Furry Friends

And then there is our furry friends. Used to somebody being home most of the day, now left to entertain themselves. He’s still a baby really, but we are trusting him and he is no longer crated. Little wins in life.

best friends

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