Enchanted Living – Introduction

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Enchanted Art

Enchantment isn’t about Magical thinking; it is about being fully present in the world.

What is Enchanted Living?

For me, enchanted living is a path to contentment. It is a way of quieting the noise. It is the ultimate grounding force and a beautiful way to connect with my children.

Enchantment is:

  • A sense of fully participating in a living world, a feeling of belonging rather than separation.
  • A feeling of wonder and curiosity. Being comfortable with the fact not everything can be explained. To tolerate, even welcome, the presence of mystery.
  • A lived, embodied experience in the world.
  • A mythic imagination. The acknowledgement of myth and story as living principles in the world.

“Man feels himself isolated in the cosmos. He is no longer involved in nature and has lost his emotional participation in natural events, which hitherto had a symbolic meaning for him. Thunder is no longer the voice of a god, nor is lightning his avenging missile. No river contains a spirit, no tree means a man’s life, no snake is the embodiment of wisdom, and no mountain still harbours a great demon. Neither do things speak to him, nor can he speak to things, like stones, springs, plants and animals.”

J. G. Jung

Enchanted Living at LAL Photography

I am introducing a new Enchanted Living blog series. My journey through this magical world we are part of, and the inspiration behind my photography, art and creativity.

red rose

These techniques I share as part of the ‘Enchanted Living’ series work great combined with techniques I share in :

I am standing amid an aliveness, and that aliveness deserves my attention, my respect, my care …

The insects and birds and animals are singing themselves into being; this autumn land is dreaming and I am part of that dreaming.

If you would like to learn more on this subject I strongly recommend reading “The Enchanted Life” by Sharon Blackie. Otherwise please sign up to my mailing list to learn first about new blog posts, 


Why Photography is Important

I’ve read that children feel safe, welcome, seen and loved if there are images of themselves in the family home. I love this idea and think this is something every family needs to know.

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