Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a photography session?

There are a number of ways you can book your photography session:

  • You can e-mail us at
  • You can use the Contact Us page on this website
  • You can call 07530331325
  • You can use the Message option from our Instagram or Facebook pages.

How long will a family photo shoot take?

This will depend on which packages you have selected. Our family packages range from 25 minutes to 6 hour sessions.

We are not strict on time. We often work with children who may be fed up before the time is up. And we like our customers to feel happy and comfortable, so we also allow for it to take longer. You can also upgrade your package at anytime.

For a newborn session we allow 2-3 hours as we find this amount of time is the best balance to allow for feeding, settling and capturing small moments. But it also means you and your family don’t feel fatigued of our presence.

How many images can we choose?

You can choose as many images as you like. Some of our packages include set numbers of images as part of the price, this can be discussed in more detail should you choose to book us. We have a range of packages to suit all budgets. As well as some beautiful products for cherished keepsakes of your memories. And you can purchase individual images if you wish.

Do you/will you airbrush the images?

Post production work is all included in the price. Our post production is minimal, I like to think of it as a digital dark room rather than post production or editing. We prefer honesty to capture authentic memories, and even flaws are beautiful. But of course we want your images to be stunning.

Should you require anything specific please let us know. We can discuss in more detail as we get to know you.

What should we wear?

Each portrait is unique just like each person is unique. We would never tell you what to wear or dress your child in as we can work with whatever you present us with.

We want the clothes just like the photograph to reflect your individuality and personality.

Can we bring our own props?

Yes. We actively encourage you to bring props to the shoot. Anything sentimental is a great choice for a prop. A cuddly toy or comforter is especially good  for the little ones.

We also encourage family activities during a shoot, so think about what you love to do as a family.

When do I choose my photographs I want to order?

We send you access to a password protected gallery to view your images as soon as they are ready. Here you will choose the images from your pre-paid package. If you wish to purchase additional prints, products or digital images we provide information after your session for this. We can guide you in regards to how the finished images will look and how best to display the images you favour, and we can arrange a face to face preview session if required.

How long until I have my prints?

This is all dependent on demand, printing, amount of post production work and when the shoot takes place. We can manage your expectations and keep you informed throughout all parts of the process.

Please Note due to Covid 19 delivery times may take longer than expected.

What if my child plays up?

We try to adapt to your child’s emotions on the day and this is why we are flexible with our time to get the best photographs possible. As parents ourselves we have some techniques to help bring out the best in your child and encourage this from you also as you know your child best.

However, if you are not completely satisfied we are more than happy to discuss trying again on another date, we will rearrange a session where possible at no extra cost to you.

What happens if one of us is ill?

Please let us know as soon as you can and we can rearrange the shoot.

Who owns the copyright?

We retain the copyright for all photographs. However, if you purchase a digital copy we also grant you license to print these at your discretion in whatever format and as many times as you like. We provide more detail in our terms and conditions when you book.

We understand that you may also want to share the photo’s on social media, we have a Facebook and Instagram page where we post our photographs with permission and allow you to tag yourselves and your loved ones.

If you have any further questions not covered please contact us.