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What renovations or home revamps have you been up to lately?

Can’t believe it’s almost a year since the first lockdown began. I have decluttered so many times, and so many decorating ideas. Next best thing to a holiday, right?

Would love to see what you have been up to.

Wall Art

Fine Art

You’ve spent all that time and effort into making your rooms comfortable, relaxing, homely and functional. But something is missing. A finishing touch.

An art hanging has the power to really add a bit of personality to your surroundings, a bit of colour, or compliment the setting.

For Sale


You’re in luck!

To add those finishing touches I am now selling life and nature inspired fine art photography pieces.

Compliment the Room


With less people to photograph, thanks to latest events, I have had to slow down and take notice of the little things. I have focused on how the light dances, or water sparkles or the calming colours found in nature. Art and inspiration are all around us!

I have spent years seeking the perfect piece of wall art for rooms within my home. Often meaning a blank, bare wall for months.

But this got me thinking, what images would match which rooms. So, I was thinking along these lines:

  • Bathroom = A water image.
  • Kitchen = Connected to food and drink, for example wild berries, apples, and so many more ideas.
  • Bedroom = This would have to be something relaxing, a favourite place maybe?
  • Family Rooms = I once read children feel seen if there are photographs hung in the home of themselves. I’m all for that kind of thinking. So, in my opinion, these have to be family art.

To make things easier, you can even order your products yourself from my online store.

Coast to Coast

Now if you want to go large, I really do recommend a chat. Message me direct from the messenger link here on the website. A statement piece needs to be personal.

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