Happy New Home

Home sweet home

Happy new home Sophie, William and Daniel.

Sophie’s Story

I met Sophie when our boys started nursery together and formed an instant friendship. It just so happened; our younger boys were also the same age. The beginning of family BFF’s.

So, when I found out they were moving to the next street, and the boys could play together more often… I just had to capture it.

Of course, on such a beautiful sunny day I just had to walk the route the boys would likely take, down the cut.

William and Daniel were super excited. As was I after so long only able to photograph family. My visit began with a tour.


Their home is so inviting. But the best welcome was the joy and happiness on all their faces.

There were still some finishing touches to add before they could move in. William and Daniel chose which would be their bedrooms, decorated in gamer green and bold blue to suit their styles and personalities.


The kitchen and garden make the perfect party place. Hopefully I’ll get an invite often *hint hint.


Their Words

My moving day photo shoot was amazing! I was so excited to see the photos even though there was nothing in the house apart from me, the kids and a few little bits but what was there was captured in an amazing way! When I saw the photos I couldn’t love just one, I loved them all! The boys loved the photo shoot and with already knowing the photographer they were super relaxed and that made the photos even more amazing! It was truly them. Personalities and all! Thanks for the amazing memories! Sophie xxx
Sophie Watson
piggy back
I loved having my photo taken by Lesley-Anne. She always gets my huge smile in the photos! Daniel xxx
smiling child
smiling child
I loved how Lesley-Anne was chasing me to get my photo! I loved the sneaky ones she got! William xxx

How About You?

“I believe in celebrating the good in every day and I feel so lucky to get to tell the messy, magical, authentic stories of busy, beautiful, perfectly imperfect families like yours” – Andrea Hanki

I couldn’t put it any better.

You don’t really need a reason to capture family memories. But if you’re looking for a reason to convince yourself, here are a few suggestions it’s great to capture.

  • Births
  • Birthdays
  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • New Home
  • Special Memories
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