How To Deal with Overwhelm and Energy Hygiene Rituals


Overwhelm effects us all and often when we least expect. Many things can cause it and many things can prevent it. You can always come back to these tips if you ever need to be reminded of these techniques, including:

  • What is overwhelm?
  • How To Deal with Overwhelm
  • Energy Hygiene Rituals to help prevent overwhelm.

What is Overwhelm?


  1. Bury or drown beneath a huge mass of something.
  2. Have a strong emotional effect on.

Most commonly overwhelm means to cause you to be overcome with emotion as a result of an amount of something (work, stress, etc) that’s just too much to handle.

Why are so many of us Overwhelmed?

We count the days to the weekend or nearest break. We wish our lives away. Ambition and the challenges and pressures of life in modern society. It’s too easy to understand why we all feel so overwhelmed. Increasing workloads, personal and family needs, global issues.

Modern life is complex.

So, I’ve put together some tips I have found useful.


How To Deal with Overwhelm

Stop and breathe

  • Pausing can help gain clarity and prevent you being swept up by your emotions or in the moment.

Circle of control

  • Its great to show empathy and want to fix things, but its important to remember you can only control what you can control. If it rains on your wedding, you can’t control the weather, but you can control if you allow it to dampen your spirits.

Acknowledge the feeling

  • Accept it, its natural. It is your body’s way of letting you know your limits.

Pinpoint the primary source

  • If you know the main cause you can take action. A project almost finished, push to the end. A big issue, break it down into manageable pieces.

Set boundaries on your time and workload

  • We all need a break sometimes. Learn to say no.

Challenge your perfectionism

  • Are you expecting too much of yourself? Are you looking at everything at once, break things down.

Outsource or delegate

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Challenge your assumptions

  • Maybe its not as bad as you think. Even if it is, this feeling will pass. You are stronger than you believe.

Energy Hygiene Rituals

Energy hygiene is an important but often forgotten part of self-care. Most of us have been taught the importance of personal hygiene, but its equally important to develop good energy hygiene rituals.

I’ve put together some top tips for cleansing your energy.

Claim alone time everyday

  • Self-care is important. Take time to relax. Maybe try some meditation. This is important to gain clarity over your own thoughts and feelings.

Salt baths and scrubs

  • Some people believe salt can cleanse negative energy. You could use epsom salt in a bath, maybe even combine them with some essential oils of your choice. You could combine sea salt and olive oil for a shower scrub. Or why not take a swim in the ocean.

Cleansing Shower

  • Water is cleansing. It can sometimes help if you visualise the water washing away the energy of others and that which you no longer wish to hold on to.

Spend time in nature

  • Nature can be incredibly healing and good for the soul. Have you tried a nature walk or some gardening?


  • In some circumstances you have to protect your energy. You could try visualising a shield around you, or affirmations; for example “I am safe and protected.”

Smudging and sweeping

  • Smudging can be done simply by burning incense. Sweeping your home cleans your space and your energy. You can even dust off your coat.

Digital detox

  • Turn off your phone and other digital devices. Read a book or just relax. Utilise airplane mode.

Energising breathwork

  • Meditation is often recommended by many mental health professionals around the world, and it is a simple, yet effective way to cleanse your energy. There are many breathing techniques available. Why not try Bhastrika, Pranayama or Kapalabhati.

Or ...

  • A simple energy hygiene ritual is to wash your hands.

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