Important Family Milestones to Photograph


Why is Photography Important?

I’ve read that children feel safe, welcome, seen and loved if there are images of themselves in the family home. I love this idea and think this is something every family needs to know.

You see stories, memories and keepsakes are important. Life is short. Our humanity is what makes us beautiful. The light will never look or be seen the same again and neither will we. We will never have this moment again. So, let’s capture it!

“Professional Photography is sooo expensive!”

I’m not going to preach to you about why photography is valuable and what goes into business costs. I can advise on those unforgettable moments you want to cherish again and again.

Mr & Mrs Powney

Important Family Milestones to Photograph

The cost of living is rising. And with all phones having a built-in camera, photography is more accessible than ever. Capture those important everyday moments.

I do recommend investing in professional photography as often as you can afford. Be in your family memories, build the legacy and love for your children.

I have put together a list of important family milestones to capture:

  • Engagement
  • Marriage
  • First Home
  • Pregnancy
  • Newborn
  • Sitter
  • 1st Birthday
    • All birthdays are good to capture to record the passage of time but if you can’t stretch your budget be sure to capture their 1st.
  • 1st steps
  • Imagination Age – 3-8 years
  • Pre-teen – 8-12 years
    • I find its best to plan activities for this age group.
  • Teen – 13-15 years
    • You may also see their own creative flair, let them have input in their own photography. They may also be interested in learning photography themselves.
  • Senior/Prom – 16-18 years
  • Graduation

I also encourage you to invest in yearly school portraits, and of course holidays, memories and special occasions. This list is not exhaustive.


Ways to Save With Us

Here at LAL Photography we offer a range of packages to suit most budgets. But understanding the importance of photography I offer other ways to save too:

  • FREE Engagement shoot with every wedding booking.
  • INTRODUCING our baby milestones bundle. Double the cost if purchased separately, not to be missed moments.
    • 6 Photography sessions including
      • Pregnancy
      • Newborn
      • Sitter
      • 1st Birthday
      • 1st steps
      • + optional FREE breastfeeding session
  • Photography mentoring available
      • CRB checked
  • Oh and of course exclusive offers only available to mailing list subscribers.
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