Reflecting on April

I turned 35 in April. It feels like midlife! I’ve been considering how these ‘Reflecting on …’ blogs can give more to you, the reader. Then I remembered it’s a…

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Happy New Home

Happy new home Sophie, William and Daniel. Sophie’s Story I met Sophie when our boys started nursery together and formed an instant friendship. It just so happened; our younger boys…

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Coast to Coast – April

I had been longing for this trip to the coast, I think this may be my favourite stretch of coastline. Beadnell Bay Beadnell Bay is a beautiful sandy beach located…

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Reflecting on March

I really felt the changing of the seasons in March. The warmth the sun brought, the extended days, the birds singing.  It feels like hope. And along with that I…

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Why is Photography Important?

Photography helps us tell the story of who we are, and that’s so important.I have a strange fascination with the human mind and its power. How behaviour can become habits,…

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Coast to Coast – March

I feel incredibly lucky to live so near the coast.  I have a number of different beaches, and coastal towns to choose from. Making each experience at the Coast a…

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Quieting the Noise – Minute Meditations

As life returns to normal, or some semblance of it, we may find ourselves unexpectedly overwhelmed.Meditation is a simple and effective way for you to display genuine positivity and will…

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Reflecting on February

Well February didn’t half fly by. But it also brought new hope. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. To be honest I needed it. I…

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Fine Art Prints

What renovations or home revamps have you been up to lately? Can't believe it’s almost a year since the first lockdown began. I have decluttered so many times, and so…

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Coast to Coast – February

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The ice and snow has finally thawed. And the weather pleasantly mild.Harvey was desperate to get out on his scooter. Unfortunately, the mud and dirt left behind from the snow…

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