Quieting the Noise – Family Art Activities

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I’m a clear believer in mindful activities for both adults and children. Instead of adding to the crazy build up, I thought I would provide some ideas for that quiet time between Christmas and New Year.

As an extra bonus it might just inspire some stocking filler ideas.

Mindful Art Activities

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• Drawing around bodies

  • Pavement chalks are great for this
  • It encourages stillness and body awareness

• Happiness Scrapbook

  • You can document happy memories
  • Add drawings
  • Remember how you felt, talk about it
  • Include a variety of mediums

• Mindful Glitter Jar

  • Method
    • Fill a jar with warm water to approximately ¾ full
    • Pour in glitter glue and mix
    • Add food colouring
    • Pour in glitter
    • Top up with warm water if needed
    • Screw on the lid
  • Can help relaxation and mindfulness

• Puddle Art

  • Swirl paint in puddles
  • Use brushes or squirt it in directly
  • Use this as a learning opportunity, observe the swirls and patterns

• Painting Emotions

  • Pick an emotion and try to paint or draw it
  • Let children make their own decision about colour etc

• Drawing to Music

  • Music can portray strong emotions
  • Convey these through lines and drawings

• Leaf Printing

  • Collect leaves of different shapes and sizes
  • Pour some paint in a shallow bowl or plate
  • Dip the leaves and print them on paper, canvas or fabric

• Leaf Weaving

  • Collect some leaves
  • Punch holes and thread the leaves on string
  • These can make beautiful autumnal garlands

• And of course

  • Photography

These are just the tip of the iceberg of all the amazing creative and mindful activities that can help build bonds and create lasting memories. I can even incorporate these into any of our family sessions, it’s a great idea to have an activity planned to get the most from our time with you. If nothing springs to mind, use one of the ideas above or we have many more we can chat about.

Enchanted Art

I’ve read that children feel safe, welcome, seen and loved if there are images of themselves in the family home. I love this idea and think this is something every family needs to know.

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