Quieting the Noise – Finding your Centre

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From being a teenager, I have witnessed and experienced how mindfulness, complimentary practices and mindset can really impact your mental and physical health and resilience. Finding your centre is a quick, effective, and calming technique that can really help.

Centering helps create:

  • Stillness
    • You can shift into a calm, clear presence using focused breathing.
  • Clarity
    • Which can help navigate tension skilfully
    • And help you make good decisions in the face of conflicts and challenging circumstances.
  • Radiance
    • You can naturally inspire others by growing your inner light.

Full disclosure I am still working on this myself. They are named practices because we have to practice the techniques to be able to use them skilfully.

Simple Practice

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Ratio Breathing – This activates relaxation within your nervous system.

  • Inhale for 3-6 seconds
  • Exhale for 6-10 seconds
  • With each inhale trace the oxygen stream down your respiratory path, passing through your lungs.
  • Allow each breath to settle deeply into your body
    • If it helps imagine a big, bright sun in your core
  • Continue taking deep centering breaths until you feel aligned.

Heart Centred Breathing

Another method that works well for self-compassion and with children.

coastal meditation
  • Place your hands on your heart.
  • Direct your attention and awareness to the swelling and collapse of your lungs with each deep centering breath.
  • Inhale for 3-5 seconds.
  • Exhale for twice the length of your inhale (6-10 seconds).
  • Repeat until you can strongly sense your heart space.
  • Use your imagination to expand the energy field of your heart.
  • Program your heart to create a field of purity, neutrality, and alignment.
  • Continue taking deep, centering breaths until you feel complete.

I have been on a journey, healing past traumas and finding ways to battle the difficulties of mental health. I just like to share what I’m learning with you, hoping it may help you or your loved ones.

I’ve read that children feel safe, welcome, seen and loved if there are images of themselves in the family home. I love this idea and think this is something every family needs to know.

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