Quieting the Noise – Minute Meditations

As life returns to normal, or some semblance of it, we may find ourselves unexpectedly overwhelmed.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, even you!!!

Meditation is a simple and effective way for you to display genuine positivity and will help your natural qualities shine through. It can also help you maintain decorum in difficult situations.


I realise 10 minutes or more is difficult for a lot of us. I will be sharing more of those in time. But let’s start small.

Below are some quick and simple meditations:

Minute Meditations

Standing Meditation


This meditation works best barefoot, but can still be done if this is not possible. And of course, closing your eyes helps focus your attention.

Move your awareness to your feet

  • Feel your feet on the floor and pay attention to what you notice.
    • Which part of your feet is making the most contact with the floor?
    • Is the pressure even, or different in spots?
    • What about the temperature?
    • Do you feel very little, if anything? – no judgement
  • Rock back and forth, or move your feet around.
    • Feel the different sensations
    • Notice as many as you can
  • Notice how you feel.

Listening Meditation

Fine Art

This can be done exactly where you are, or you can consciously seek a place where you can hear all sorts of sounds.

It’s a good one to do while queuing.

  • Pay attention to every sound around you.
  • Notice differences
    • Louder, softer, deeper, shrill, close, far, nice, irritating, etc.
  • Focus on one sound for some time before moving your attention to the next.
  • Notice how you feel.

Looking Meditation


This meditation, much like the others can be done anywhere.

  • Focus on something close to you
    • A flower or coffee mug
  • Look closely at every detail you find
    • Shades, patterns, colours, shapes etc
  • Move to an object farther away
    • Same degree of attention
  • Return to the first object
    • See if you notice things you hadn’t the first time
  • Notice how you feel

Walking Meditation


This can be done anytime while walking or if in a crisis, you can walk back and forth using the same technique.

  • Talk your time with each step.
  • Notice your feet as they hit the ground and rise again.
  • Notice the sensations you feel in your legs, thighs, knees, calves and ankles.
  • Follow all the sensations you can.
  • Notice how you feel

We all need to take care of our mental health; in the same way we care for our physical health. I have found solace in utilising techniques and methods to help my sensitive brain cope in this modern world.

I am not a professional in this field, the only experience I have is my own battle with my mental health. So, most importantly; find your own way!

I will share each month a tip or technique that may help you to quiet the noise ….

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