Reflecting on April

I turned 35 in April. It feels like midlife!

I’ve been considering how these ‘Reflecting on …’ blogs can give more to you, the reader. Then I remembered it’s a personal project. I do however appreciate your support and hope you can gain something from these reflections.

I do this little thing each day with the boys after school to find out about their day, I always ask three questions and then we begin a conversation about what they have been up to. So I think I might do the same on these reflection blogs.

What was the best part of April?

  • Well as old as I am, it still has to be my birthday. Time in nature at my favourite place with my favourite people.

What was the worst part of April?

  • Too many people we know, love and care about are losing their lives too young.

What have I learned?

  • Creativity helps process and inspire. But more importantly, just because you are a professional or have more skill in one particular area, creativity doesn’t have to be one medium. Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere.

Day 93

  • Settings = F1.8 1/3200 ISO 360
  • Process = Beautiful light in the forest, different perspective and using a shallow depth of field.
  • Inspiration = We went for a family walk at Waldridge Fell. There was some beautiful light in an unexpected old wood, just off the main park.

Day 94

  • Settings = F1.8 1/3200 ISO 250
  • Process = Capturing golden light and happy family moments.
  • Inspiration = 6 people can finally meet outdoors, we made the most of it with a Sunday Lunch al fresco with my Mam.
al fresco

Day 95

  • Settings = F1.8 1/3200 ISO 280
  • Process = Another day of beautiful sunlight and time with family.
  • Inspiration = Serge, my sister in law’s Pointer/Labrador cross and Oscar our golden Labrador became the best of friends.
doggy bff

Day 106

  • Settings = F1.8 1/1250 ISO 320
  • Process = Framing Oscar in the doorway.
  • Inspiration = We had just arrived at the caravan. Oscar was so excited to be there he decided to jump straight out of the car and ran into the river. Soaked instantly. So we had to tie him up outside while we unpacked the cars.
tied up

Day 107

  • Settings = F1.8 1/1000 ISO 100
  • Process = Self portrait, light behind. Using self timer on camera
  • Inspiration = My Birthday, my beautiful surroundings, thankful for the person I am today. Meditation.

Day 108

  • Settings = F1.8 1/5000 ISO 100
  • Process = Shallow depth of field, expose for light.
  • Inspiration = Coast to coast, Beadnell Bay. Feels like home, infuses all the senses.
Textured rock

Day 109

  • Settings = F3.2 1/500 ISO 100
  • Process = Family photo so upped my F stop. Using self timer, sunlight behind us. This was our first attempt at this, I know my exposure could have been better.
  • Inspiration = Family, we all the best weekend.
family portrait

Day 112

  • Process = Mindful Colouring
  • Inspiration = Art gift set

Day 114

  • Settings = F1.8 1/2500 ISO 200
  • Process = The daisy in my centre focus was my main concern.
  • Inspiration = We were out on the electric scooter with the kids and I was taking photos, sitting in the grass and noticed this single daisy.

Day 115

  • Process = Sketching with graded pencils.
  • Inspiration = Rediscovered love and respect for sea mammals, in particular Orca’s.

Day 116

  • Process = Create collages of images.
  • Inspiration = Try to recreate emotions felt at the coast.

Day 117

  • Process = Sketching
  • Inspiration = Jack Skellington pop socket

What creative projects have you been up to?

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