Reflecting on February

Well February didn’t half fly by. But it also brought new hope. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

To be honest I needed it. I hit a wall both creatively and mentally. But let’s be real, I’m not judging myself for it. We all need a break sometimes.

And like always, the feeling passed. And I picked up right where I left off.

February Through my Eyes

Day 32-38:

  • Settings = N/A
  • Process = I was struggling.
  • Inspiration = I was still inspired by everything around me, but kept getting stuck. Following this I gave myself permission to take days off when needed.

Day 39:

  • Settings = F1:8 1/320 ISO 8000
  • Process = Evening indoors with only low artificial lighting. I decided to capture the moment and embrace the grain.
  • Inspiration = Bedtime, usually story time. Ric was singing and playing the ukulele. I couldn’t not capture it. Inspired by happy family moments.

Day 40:

  • Settings = F1:8 1/50 ISO 2000
  • Process = Evening indoors with only artificial light. Action was on the floor, so I got down on their level.
  • Inspiration = Ric and the kids playing. More happy family moments.
fun fights

Day 41:

  • Settings = F1:8 1/4000 ISO 560
  • Process = Fast shutter speed to capture the flakes. Wanting to retain depth of field. Altered ISO for exposure.
  • Inspiration = We got beautiful fluffy snow! Boys were in school and I was luckily on lunch break from work. First time Oscar had seen proper snow. Just beautiful to photograph.

Day 44:

  • Settings = F1:8 1/I600 ISO 280
  • Process = Fast shutter speed to freeze frame the action. As always I wanted to retain the depth of field. Altered ISO for exposure. Aware there may need to be some corrective post production.
  • Inspiration = Sledging. All the family having fun together.

Day 47:

  • Settings = F3:5 1/320 ISO 8000
  • Process = The depth of field was too shallow at 1:8, alter shutter speed and ISO for exposure. Hand held.
  • Inspiration = Pancake Day
pancake day

Day 49:

  • Settings = F1:8 1/320 ISO 900
  • Process = Self portrait using window light and self timer. Thinking mainly about focus with shallow depth of field.
  • Inspiration = Phlock beyond the ordinary

Day 50:

  • Settings = F1:8 1/1250 ISO 100
  • Process = Shallow depth of field as always. Harvey took me to this location, chance really. Rockpools in the foreground and the lighthouse in focus. Had to expose for white lighthouse.
  • Inspiration = I think Harvey is my muse. He led me to this location.
Coast to Coast

Day 55:

  • Settings = F1:8 1/320 ISO 8000
  • Process = Evening indoors with artificial light.
  • Inspiration = It was a special moment I wouldn’t normally get to see and a sign of the times. Harvey was invested in Beavers via zoom.

Day 57:

  • Settings = F1:8 1/1250 ISO 100
  • Process = Bright sunlight. Expose for this. Wanting to show contrast.
  • Inspiration = Sunlight on Oscar

Day 58:

  • Settings = F1:8 1/4000 ISO 160
  • Process = Bright sunlight and signature shallow depth of field.
  • Inspiration = Family walk

We can begin to help save these memories for you too, great stories to share. Please get in touch with your ideas.

Disclaimer: My method, post processing and style have developed over years of study and practice. This is to inspire not copy.

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