Reflecting on June – Halfway

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Halfway there …

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

A dream can take you anywhere.

Prepare yourself with all you’ve got.

Remind yourself, you’ve quite a lot.

Create a vision, have a goal.

Feel it in your very soul.

Never let it leave your mind.

Seek and you shall find.

Your dreams are not so far away.

Closer now than yesterday.

Now that they are in your reach.

These are words that you should teach.

Prepare yourself with all you’ve got.

Remind yourself, you’ve quite a lot.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

A dream can take you anywhere.

Louis D’Alto

I began this year at a very low point, like many others. I was losing passion in my business and art. But I refused to give up the dream. I invested in educating myself, working on my website and technology, and throwing myself into personal projects.

During the past six months I have found great encouragement and support from friends, family and an incredible online community.

I embarked on my 365 project knowing it would be tough and I have had to push myself often. The one important thing to remember and advice I can provide:

Never Give Up!!

Even if I missed a day or two or more, I was still pushing myself creatively and challenging myself to be mindful and notice the small details and everyday beauty. Those small things that make life meaningful.

As life returns to normal, whatever that means now. As life gets busy again and our diaries begin to fill, I want to continue these personal projects as they help me grow creatively, mindfully and personally.


Reflecting on June

Day 156

  • Settings = F1.8 1/800 ISO 140
  • Process = I was standing on a foot bridge, the boys were plodging in the water and tunnel underneath. I wanted a different viewpoint. Framed by foliage I shouted of Harvey for him to look up and a normal conversation had him smiling.
  • Inspiration = A family walk. We allow the children to be wild in appropriate surroundings. Encouraging curiosity, independence and perception.

Day 157

  • Settings = F1.8 1/2000 ISO 100
  • Process = Expose for bright midday summer sun. Framing with swing frame.
  • Inspiration = Family get together at Holmside Park. Oliver naturally smiling as he enjoys the swing.
  • Settings = F1.8 1/2500 ISO 100
  • Process = Expose as above. Sun behind the kids, water spray to add some fun.
  • Inspiration = Family get together, a rare portrait of all the Hastings children.

Day 163

  • Settings = F1.8 1/5000 ISO 160
  • Process = Expose for sunlight, trying to capture shape of leaves and sun flare.
  • Inspiration = A walk in the woods. The light twinkling through the leaves.

Day 177

  • Settings = F1.8 1/125 ISO 8000
  • Process = Expose for low light, post production colour correction needed.
  • Inspiration = Harvey’s first sleepover and we gifted them a spy kit each.

Day 178

  • Settings = F1.8 1/2000 ISO 100
  • Process = Expose for light, overcast day but still bright. Traditional portrait framing.
  • Inspiration = Ric received a medal for 20 years’ service with the RNLI.
20 years service

As you can see the personal project went on a bit of a backburner this month, but I am so grateful for the work coming in and hope it continues. I still intend to continue this project even if it becomes a 52 week project. It’s an achievement to make it halfway and I want to continue to grow as an artist. Thank you for the continued encouragement and support.

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