Reflecting on May

I seem to have got myself a little muddled in my blog ordering recently. Anyone else getting things muddled as life begins to return to normal?

How are you feeling lately?

I can’t quite believe we are midway through 2021 already. I’m still going with my 365 project. Although it definitely feels more like a 52 week project now. The thing to remember is to keep going and keep growing.

Delicate flowers

What was the best part of May?

  • My littlest had his 7th birthday, why do they grow up so quickly?

What was the worst part of May?

  • My littles had his 7th birthday, why do they grow up so quickly?

What have I learned?

  • Making mistakes does not make me a bad parent!

Reflecting on May

Day 129

  • Settings = F1.8 1/1250 ISO 100
  • Process = Trying to capture the dandelion as Alyssa blew
  • Inspiration = Family walk in nature
Dandelion wishes

Day 129

  • Settings = F1.8 1/2500 ISO 100
  • Process = Capturing Oliver, Oscar just had to be part of it
  • Inspiration = Oliver, he is just so photogenic

Day 135

  • Settings = F1.8 1/2000 ISO 100
  • Process = Bright sunlight, wanting to capture details in Buttercup.
  • Inspiration = Family walk and showing the boys the reflection of yellow under their chin. And the old myth it indicates if you like butter.

Day 136

  • Settings = F1.8 1/640 ISO 6400
  • Process = Dark, damp unlit outhouse, only natural light from a crack in the door behind me. Didn’t want to spook the nesting bird, moving slowly and quietly.
  • Inspiration = Nesting bird

Day 139

  • Settings = F1.8 1/800 ISO 140
  • Process = Capturing Alyssa at the entrance of the trampoline, framing her in the centre to create as much symmetry as possible. Also wanted the light to highlight her hair.
  • Inspiration = Alyssa on the trampoline
wispy hair

Day 147

  • Settings = F1.8 1/1000 ISO 100
  • Process = Focus on net, but trying to capture blurred action in frame.
  • Inspiration = Harvey’s birthday, this was Louis and William in the garden.

Day 151

  • Settings = F1.8 1/3200 ISO 110
  • Process = Exposing for sunlight. Focus on action/subject, sun flare and water to add texture.
  • Inspiration = Day didn’t go to plan, sometimes spontaneity is more fun.

What creative projects have you been up to?

We can begin to help save these memories for you too, great stories to share. Please get in touch with your ideas.

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