Respecting his Choices

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Louis is my eldest son. He’s a quiet soul, but with an admirable inner strength. He also has a popularity among his peers I would have envied as a child. I love my boy.



I, probably like a lot of you watched ‘The Social Dilemma’. If you haven’t I really recommend you do. I will admit it scared me and left me a little conflicted. Worried about the effect of technology on my children and my own tech addiction. Something my Mam had been warning me of for years. Something I brushed off as a generation thing. But as a photographer who shares a lot online, I was and still am often torn.

video call

Growing Up

Growing up, like a lot of us, I often worried what others thought. Trying desperately to fit in, but still wanting to be unique.

So when I had children of my own I was passionate about allowing them to be themselves. I’m the same with the children and families I am lucky enough to spend time with.

Now, Louis is a confident footballer and competent sportsman. But he can be shy until he feels comfortable. He is growing up, too fast for my liking. And becoming more aware of the online world. He has now requested I no longer post his image.

growing up

Respecting his Choices

As a parent, I am proud of this autonomy. As a photographer and memory keeper. I can’t help feel a pant of disappointment.

Now as a documentarian I want to show authentic family life. So, I have had to come up with ever more creative ways to include him in personal images I share. While still respecting his choices.

in the trees
natural beauty
finger gun

From this I get to capture images of him and have his agreement to share those without his face. I’ve interestingly noticed this has brought about a confidence around my camera.

What confidence building tricks have you tried with your kids?

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  1. Jo de Magneval

    I am with you complete here. I watched it al cried out of desperation and despair at this world and society that we are a part of but yet didn’t make.
    I love the way he is still present in work you can share and I can imagine my world turning like this very soon but yes, as a documenter of your world you will always be capturing him.

    It’s a hard world to navigate for us all but I think the tide is turning as we all become a little more aware of how far from the original idea it has gone and maybe then we can all play a part on turning it back to the simple idea of sharing your life and staying in touch with people that fit you.
    I love you work btw and always look forward to seeing your photos on my feed.

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