Support Local – An Introduction

Home sweet home
Do you own or run a small business local to us or community initiative?
Can you recommend any great small businesses you have worked with or know?

If you do, you might already be part of various other small business groups. I believe in the power of community over competition. I would not be in business now if it weren’t for supportive friends and family or the power of word of mouth. I have also found great comfort and support in various networking groups. I have found even when running a business has felt pointless the power of positivity and encouragement has helped me to continue and grow.

I would love to create something that can combine all parts of this, and I want to discover more local businesses I can encourage and support.


What is Community?

I often feel, in our modern day living we have forgotten some of the basic principles of what it means to be human. Why we thrive and became the force we are today, being part of humanity. I believe to make the best steps moving forward we need to look back and revive some of the forgotten traditions that bring neighbours, friends, and family closer. To rise from the remnants of Covid and enduring prolonged isolation and loneliness to returning to community living but with kindness, compassion, and collaboration in our hearts.

There are four main elements to a sense of community:

  • Membership – A feeling of belonging or of sharing a sense of personal relatedness
  • Influence – That you matter, you make a difference to a group and of the group mattering to its members
  • Reinforcement – The integration and fulfilment of needs
  • Shared emotional connection

I am a storyteller by nature, I love to share stories in my photographs or words and if that can help our local community, I am happy to help spread the word.


Project Idea

Why am I doing this? This is all part of a new personal project and I have a few different ideas in the pipeline. I would love to chat more if this sounds like your kind of thing. But here’s a few of my initial ideas:

  • A Facebook group for business owners and community initiatives to share projects and ideas to gain encouragement and support.
  • The opportunity for collaboration.
  • Increased awareness of local brands.
  • Blog spotlight posts or guest posting opportunities
  • Discount vouchers
  • Referrals

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