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About Laura

Laura Carter is the international best-selling author of the vengeful love series. Her books are available in English and Italian. Laura writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction from her country home in Jersey, Channel Islands, where she lives with her husband and (gorgeous) dog – and now her beautiful baby boy.

She loves all things romance, including paper hearts, flowers, chocolates and champagne (not necessarily in that order). If she isn’t writing, reading or hanging around on social media, you can probably find her outdoors hiking, running or diving.

Excerpt from Girlfriends – About the Author

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Support Local

Although Laura now lives in Jersey, I grew up with her in County Durham. Her nephew also happens to be a school friend of my eldest son. And I thought to me that’s still supporting local people and local talent. Laura is an incredible person and a super talented lady. I am so proud to call her a friend and would love to support her by sharing with you her incredible book ‘Girlfriends’.


Girlfriends Review

For me this book is about life, friendship, but most of all; being true to yourself.

I found the drama, pain, love, and stubbornness of the characters very relatable. You really understood their trials and tribulations. I loved the differences in the main characters, but how they fit so well together as a group, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I’m sure we can all relate to one of the leading ladies in this book.

I love how the characters also aren’t perfect, making mistakes and bad decisions but for the right reasons. Knowing Laura as I do, I can see how she has drawn on her own experiences to bring her characters to life.

A great read and the perfect excuse to make some time for yourself.

If you love feminine fiction and modern romance, you will love this book. It’s not a genre I usually read but it still had me gripped none the less. Thank you, Laura.

Do you own or run a small business local to us or community initiative? Can you recommend any great small businesses you have worked with or know?

If you do, you might already be part of various other small business groups. I believe in the power of community over competition. I would not be in business now if it weren’t for supportive friends and family or the power of word of mouth. I have also found great comfort and support in various networking groups. I have found even when running a business has felt pointless the power of positivity and encouragement has helped me to continue and grow.

I would love to create something that can combine all parts of this, and I want to discover more local businesses I can encourage and support.

Why am I doing this? This is all part of a new personal project and I have a few different ideas in the pipeline. I would love to chat more if this sounds like your kind of thing.

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