What’s in a Name

I think my first memory of being called LAL was off my Dad. You see I am LAL, LAL is me. I suppose you could call it a nickname. But it is so much more. It’s an identity, stories, memories. It’s not a name I gave myself, but its a name that brings me love.

I don’t recall much from the first time I was called it. I don’t even really remember why, or who came up with it, so it must be an early memory. I just remember my Dad shouting up the stairs. I guess I responded and its stuck ever since. Hey, that may not have even been the first time I was called it.

Except from by brother, to him I am still Stinky-Anne, and unfortunately probably always will be!

father and newborn

I also remember one of my oldest friends sitting with my family and my Mam referring to me as LAL. She was shocked by the reference and couldn’t believe they came up with the name, let alone used it.

Check out her beautiful twins as newborns.

newborn twins

You see, my photography is such an intrinsic part of me, just like my name and nickname. It’s part of my personaity, both in name and in practice.

So when Ric suggested we take the leap and give this business thing a go, the name wasn’t even a discussion, it just had to be LAL Photography.

Now I want my life, loves and passions to have a calming flow in my life. To maintain balance I want my business to reflect my beliefs. A rebrand was needed but the name stuck. 


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