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I’m so excited to introduce my new look website but before we get into what’s changed I feel I need to explain why the change was needed.

baby feet

2020 What a Year!

I’m sure I’m not unique to have found a new depth in myself this year. I think we all had to dig a little deeper to be able to face life this year. More than ever I felt we were insignificant in the grand scheme of things and 2020 was nature trying to reset.

Even before 2020 I was on a journey of self discovery, trying to heal past traumas. Unfortunately, we all have them. I guess recent events just propelled me forward in my search for some meaning to it all.

I am no longer ashamed to say I suffer from an anxiety disorder in fear of losing clients, because it serves nobody. My experience can help others, what I see, what I learn, as can yours. Legends and myths are stories of souls from long ago retold over and over, the magic is in the storytelling.

I am taking a more holistic approach to work, life, love, family, enjoyment and more. This means every part of who I am, my vulnerability, my emotion goes into what I see through my lens. My photography. My Art. So I needed a new website to reflect all this and who LAL Photography really is.

Beadnell Bay

So, What's Different?

Well I’ll be honest I think the change in logo to reflect what we represent started it all. So of course, the colour scheme had to compliment and reflect it.

We have streamlined the site to make it more user friendly. Hopefully guiding you to content you want to see. Why have a specific gallery when you can see our images all over our website.

We have hopefully made it easier for you to feel if we are the right photographers for you and your family before ever making contact, but if in doubt get in touch this site is only a snippet of who we are.

I hope you enjoy our website and please get in touch with any feedback you have, we love to make new friends.

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