Why is Photography Important?

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Photography helps us tell the story of who we are, and that’s so important.

I have a strange fascination with the human mind and its power. How behaviour can become habits, and habits become part of our personality and who we are.

I also have a fascination with the past and record keeping, all the way back to the first cave drawings. Even as a child I remember the joy I felt when the photo albums and memory boxes came out. I have the same feelings towards churchyards, or more specifically and possibly morbidly, cemeteries. The older the better, my Grandad and I could spend hours in them. Record keeping and saying “I was here” is part of who we are as humans.

I recently learned our brain can remember moments and replay them as if we are there, I suppose most obvious in PTSD sufferers. And anyone of our senses can take us back, embedding the memory, even back to how we felt in that moment. This is why music has the power to move us, a place can take us back to a single moment, a smell can remind us of a loved one and a photograph can begin a story of a time when…

Why are Photographs Important?

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Photographs are story starters, a way for us to connect with the next generation, to reflect and learn who we are, who they are and how we got here. But they can also do so much more.

Photography can:

  • Connect to our past
    • Photographs remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories.
  • Call our attention
    • Photographs help us notice the things we miss in our everyday lives
  • Defeat time
    • Images can keep the memory of a loved one alive.
    • Hold a moment in history for future generations.
    • Be a witness to a tragedy or joy.
  • Be a universal language
    • Everybody can understand pictures, and the meaning can traverse cultures, generations, and communities.
  • Document everyday life
    • Smartphones make this easier, so get to it.
    • It helps us understand our times.

Photography is an ideal medium to navigate ideas around humanity, connection, identity, memory, presence, experience, and intimacy.

Why is Professional Photography Valuable?


With the ever-increasing use of Smartphones and other technology photography is now more accessible than ever before. This means if you can document your own family why waste your time with a professional. I couldn’t say it better than the below quotes:

“Photographers are the dedicated, passionate and sometimes half-crazy individuals who are willing to give their lives, to show us what needs to be seen, what needs to be known”

– Sarah Leen, Director of Photography, National Geographic

“Though I am a documentary wedding and family photographer and do not interfere into the activities before my camera, my work is still extremely subjective. Just by choosing my position, my lens, the moment, I create the story as I feel it.”

– Katrin Küllenberg, Photographer

But let’s not forget, we want you in your family album!

Display your Family

Going back to my fascination with the human mind. I read once that children feel safe, welcome, seen, and loved if there are images of themselves in the family home. I love this idea and think this is something every family needs to know.

We have a range of amazing products to display your family keepsakes, and these can become great gift ideas too.

I blogged about our products back in December.

Now sadly because of the power of photography I have also read that the lack of photographs is something felt most keenly by care leavers, and even images of places they stayed can help them make sense of their own past and memories. No child should have to live without a connection to their past. I would love to help.

If you are a Foster Carer and would like to chat more about this, please get in touch by using the messenger pop up to chat with us directly.

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